We are an architecture and urbanism studio of Barcelona focused on promoted projects for values of environmental and social sustainability and of circular economy.

We believe in eco-efficient cities, centered on the human being through constructions respectful of the environment and responsible for the social needs that surround it. We believe that this approach should not be a luxury, but should be available to everyone, and an easy choice for the growing group of people who want to be part of social change towards a sustainable world.

At Territori 24 we focus creativity in the economy of resources (natural and financial) with the aim for circularity to be a transversal value of all projects.

We configure the network collaborative more suitable for each project, creating multidisciplinary teams and Specialized.

Lead the Methodology

“How a conflict or opportunity is announced will determine its possible solutions”.

We focus on quality, eco-design and accessibility as key trends to define our activity.
We approach projects by implementing a 360º methodology.


“Architecture for a more sustainable world”

In a finite world with constant demographic growth, accompanied by hyperconsumption and overexploitation of resources, we will always have to improve the systemic equilibrium relationship we establish with the planet.

Architecture encompasses many aspects, not only sustainability, but the construction sector is currently responsible for 40% of global CO2 emissions and 50% of raw material consumption. How to be resilient to the effects of climate change and be proactive in the actions that reverse it is one of the main pillars of our cultural context. How to design and build projects that respond to the needs of its inhabitants and make them increasingly sustainable and adapted to the circular economy is what drives us.

In each project we explore sustainability strategies that allow us to be more resilient to social, environmental and economic demands. We learn from the experience of each project and we are open to network knowledge to improve.

Sustainability is therefore an indispensable but not sufficient condition. There is no architecture without emotion, but always at the service of its inhabitants.



We started our trajectory in 2005. Always in collaborative projects understanding architectural practice as a dialogue where we learn from both clients and the different professionals involved. We work on different scales and programs and develop a practice focused on defining strategies to reduce environmental impact and improve the comfort and accessibility of inhabitants.

In 2015 we had the opportunity to design and direct the construction of the first social public building with Leed Platinum certification. Learning and demonstrating that it can be built with a high degree of sustainability without increasing the initial limit cost.

In recent years we have been able to participate in various projects (public and private) exploring all the lessons learned along the way, and betting on increasingly higher levels of decarbonization and circular economy in projects.


How a conflict or opportunity is announced will determine the its possible solutions.

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Connect with us on instagram to stay tunned on our latest news.

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