Territori 24 arquitectura i urbanisme s.l.p. was set up in 2005 as a collaborative practice based in Barcelona.
The office was founded by five partners, Bet Alabern, Alvaro Casanovas, Adrià Calvo, Filena Di Tommaso and Ivan Pérez, after years of sharing academic work, projects and career paths.

The combination of each individual’s experience, our common aspirations and operative strategies, enable us to embrace a range of different scales and types of projects: from urban planning to ephemeral design, new constructions and renovations.

We configure the network collaborative more suitable for each project, creating multidisciplinary teams and Specialized.
From the beginning of the project we engage the customer as a member of the team (whether public or private).
To the extent possible, we try to meet the needs of the end user through citizen participation workshops and specific site and action research.

This organizational structure allows us to be flexible with time management, transversal on design thinking and flexible on adequate resources to give suitable responses to complex projects

Who are we?

Architects coauthors:

Ivan Perez, Adrià Calvo, Bet Alavern, Alvaro Casanovas, Filena Di Tommaso, Isa Arnau, Anna Dalmases, Sergi Piñera, Santi Pérez, Cristina Acosta, Eduard Resina.

UTE: Mariona Benedito Ribelles, Jaume Garcia, Haz Arquitectura, Manrique Planas, Vora Arquitectes, Manolo Feo, Susana Aristoy, Eduard Calafell.

Collaborating Architects:

Jordi Perramon, Chiara Prandini, Sami Lahio, Judit Llabrés, Albert Montilla, Mireia Martin, Adrian Lopez, Kevin Agustí, Federico Imbroggiano, Stephanie Heinrichs, Lorenzo Sabbatani, Mireia Cruz, Iñaki García, Andrea Gatti.


Sami Laiho, Adrià Vives, Albert Montilla, Sergi Piñera, Santi Pérez, Cristina Acosta, Judit Llabres, Itzel Montclús, Helena Fígols, Alba Guillén, Berta Cusó, Helena Sirisi, Bernat Mas, Marina Vives, Antoine Santmaxine, Anna Vermont, Evgenia Glushchenko, Carmen Madrid, Claudia Lanuza, Danielle Romero, Joan Miquel Truyols, Llorenç Batlle, Borja Bleda, Jelena Brasanc, Anna Dalmases.

Integrated Communication: Laura Obradó.

Collaborators external

Environment: Caba Sustainability, La Llena ambiental, Ramón Folch. | Structure: Other Structures, Manuel Arguijo, Static, M103; Sergi Barés, Carmela Torró. | Installations: Caba Sustainability, SJ12, Esitec, Joan Gonzalez Gou, ICC, Tadec, Tedpro, Joan González Gou, MEW Manfroni Engineering workshop, Tectram. | Set design: Mind the Sound, Strong. | Nature / Biology: Roser Vives, Anna Terricabras, Josep Selga. | Heritage: Portalpalluel. | Citizen Participation: Equal Saree, Acces-sos. | Culture: Relevant. | Budget: Rossell-Giner i associats s.l., Dalmau+Morros, Enric Vijande, Alex Inglés, Forteza Carbonell asociados s.c.p., Eulàlia Aran. | Visualizations: Binil, Vizoom, Ikokora, Graph, Play-time, Prompt, Maria Aran, Saida Dalmau. | Photography: Adria Goula, Alicia Garcia.

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