La Suda


Tourism Office


Territori 24 I La Petita Dimensió


Turó de la Seu Vella, Lleida

Project / construction year



260 m²



(vat included)

Energetic and socially sustainable construction

An exhibition assembly that must allow the use of the room for other events and be carried out with minimal resources.

Uniqueness and character
The proposal is based on three large luminaires suspended from the ceiling with a large enveloping screen that contains the exhibition material inside. A manual system raises and lowers them when necessary, freeing up the room. In the background, an audiovisual projected directly onto the stone summarizes the contents.

On the terrace, elements that remind us of lookouts in tourist areas invite us to look. Inside, images are shown about different aspects of the city of Lleida.

The project strategy is based on the use of the minimum number of exhibition resources, with easily renewable contents and the use of low-tech mechanical systems.