Parlem Telecom Companyia de Telecomunucacions S.A.


Territori 24
Armando Cacao


Lleida, Girona, Reus, Barcelona

Project / construction year






Design of a white paper to create recognizable and scalable spaces following the brand values.

Creation of a new brand identity for the physical spaces of Parlem telecom, genuinely representing the values ​​and identity of the brand, creating a cohesive experience between the different physical elements of the brand regardless of their use or content.

The result of the project was the writing of a style book as well as its implementation in three shops of variable scale and a corner.

The proposal was based on creating a series of modules and systematized actions that made it possible to homogenize and scale the proposal to different typologies, implementing a circular strategy in retail.

Specifically, the idea was to create a neutral base of the existing space in order to focus the singularity on the signage, the light entrances / window display and on the modular furniture made ad-hoc placed as background skin.

The proposed spaces are designed to be informal meeting environments where ideas can be shared, creating a welcoming space with a domestic and recognizable character for customers through everyday elements and traditional materials typical of our culture, avoiding futuristic or artificial technological environments.

The choice of traditional materials in the creation of the equipped modules as well as the chosen furniture and the choice of suppliers responded to the values ​​of Parlem’s brand identity, centered on the concepts of Catalanness, modernity, proximity and technology.