Passive house in Osseja

Location: Rue des Jardins, Osseja, France
Developer: Private client
Architects: Territori 24 / Isa Arnau
Project year: 2014
Construction year: 2015
Surface area: 135m2

Albert and Rosa expressed their longings and concerns about the new house that they wanted to build in the french Pyrenees: "We want a house of about 140 m2 to spend weekends and some longer period during holidays. We want it to be simple, functional and we want it to embody mountain values. We do not want to suffer for possible deviations from our budget nor for possible delays. We want to cause to the neighbors, with whom we share the garden, the minimal nuisance "
We asked ourselves if it was possible to build a pre-industrialized passive housing in wood.

Project description
After adapting the program to the system of production and the requirements of the technical services of the City Council,
NOEM assembled the pre-industrialized wooden panels and carried out the rest of the finishing in 10 weeks.
The construction process was incorporated into the report of 30 minuts, “ Construcció. Zona zero”, where the main thesis explores whether the construction sector has learned anything from the outbreak of the real estate crisis.

Economy of the resources
It’s a prefabricated passive, ecological and wooden house of 135m2, located in the French Pyrenees.
The construction reinterprets the traditional typology of housing of the Pyrenees area, with sloping roof and plaster finishing.
The material selection and the simple and optimized design, allow to archieve an efficient, spacious and functional house with minimal resources. Finished externally with plaster and slate, the structure of the house is formed by prefabricated lightweight frame panels, stuffed with recycled cotton for heat insulation
The ecological footprint of construction is negative.

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