THE MOOD Project

The Mood Project

Developer: The Mood Project
Architects: Territori 24
Project year: 2016
Construction year: 2016
Surface area: 185m2
Budget: €60.000

A team work with Antinea and the Mood Project, where the flexibility is linked to content management.

A white, bright and flexible space to carry out all kinds of events: a dinner, a conference, a workshop, a presentation of a product, a cooking class, the projection of a movie, a team-working, a birthday celebration ... or all together.

Economy of resources
The spatial features of the place allow you to enjoy a special atmosphere. In the first place, the idea is about cleaning unnecessary partitions to allow the passage of natural light. A warm and sturdy pavement gives a touch of warmth and comfort in contrast with the white of walls and partitions. The space is colonized with versatile corners: the office, the work table, the loft, and the votes the stage and the terrace, which create a sequence of events.